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Here at Asset Consulting & Safe Money Solutions, Inc., we are adhering to state and local guidelines in order to protect both the health and safety of clients and staff. Keeping our clients and staff safe is our highest priority and we’re taking all appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment. Should you prefer to not meet face-to-face, we are continuing to serve our clients through virtual settings such as Zoom or phone calls.

We look forward to continuing to help individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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10 Things No One Tells You About Early Retirement

The reality of quitting work can be far different from the fantasy. Here's what you need to know Even if you love your job, there are times when you'd rather be alphabetizing the spice shelf than riding a packed train alongside hundreds of sniffling fellow commuters....

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Can Remote Work Get You a Head Start on Retirement?

If you have a dream destination in mind, careful planning and a willing boss could help you make the move ahead of schedule Rob Nehrbas was winding up his career as an executive at an Arizona-based laser device company he’d sold to a bigger competitor when he realized...

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Filing Your Tax Return

Get that 2023 refund fast and keep it safe from fraudsters Financial advisers usually tell you that it’s bad to get a big tax refund. A refund, after all, is money you paid the government that you didn’t owe. You could have used that money during the tax year instead...

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5 Reasons To Buy an Annuity

A few reasons to consider buying an annuity include the tax advantages, income for life and customization options for added benefits. The Annuity.org editorial team interviewed annuity buyers and financial experts to understand the best reasons to purchase one and how...

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Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Retired

Not only can these insights save you a boatload of stress later in life, but they can help ensure that you have a happy retirement. Planning for retirement is tricky. There can be a lot of uncertainty involved. You try to make good decisions with the information you...

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What’s Changing for Retirement in 2024?

Inflation adjustments and the phase-in of Secure 2.0 provisions have implications for retirement savers and retirees alike. The dawning of 2024 will usher in more changes than usual on the retirement-planning front. As is typical with the turn of the calendar page,...

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7 Ways Retirement Will Be Different in 2024

How changes in Social Security, Medicare, taxes and more will affect your finances For most people, retirement finance is a delicate balance between income that’s likely less than what you made while working and expenses that may be lower in some areas (no more...

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Want to retire early? Make these 5 moves in 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, many Americans are turning their attention to 2024 and contemplating resolutions for the new year. Many focus on financial resolutions. as people seek to earn more or create breathing room in their budget. For some, making a commitment...

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